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Body Confidence and the link with Mothers and Daughters.

Dove really did an amazing job this campaign because it shed light on alot of topics. For one is self acceptance and the negative perception most women have of themselves. Also how without even realizing the affect it had on their daughters.

If you're a mum, you have the power to teach your daughter to love her body.  All it takes, is being a positive role model and showing her that you love your own body.  Healthy body-image starts at home.

Your daughter will learn certain behaviors and verbal cues both good and bad from you.

She is listening to the words you use about your body, how you view yourself and learning from you all the time.  Monkey see, monkey do... 

If you want your daughter to be body-confident and have good self-esteem, you're her best teacher.   Be very careful with the words you choose and how you talk to your daughter about your body.  Take compliments about your appearance from others, especially if your daughter says something kind about your appearance.  This teaches her to take compliments too.

Make sure she grows up thinking it's normal to love her body.  It's normal because her mum has taught her so..

If you're a mum and have a negative relationship with your body and want to be a positive role model for your daughter, I'm happy to provide Body Confidence teaching tools. 

Learn to love your body and spread the message of self-love and acceptance to those you love.