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Getting Motivated to Exercise at Home

Here are some tips on how to get motivated and get those workouts done.

These are interesting times, with Covid 19 here to stay until there is a vaccine, so here are some ideas to help get you in the zone if you need to train at home.

 Have your workout gear on a chair ready to go for the morning

Make your workout clothes the first clothes you put on. Have some breakfast, then have a workout. You're more likely to exercise if you prepare in advance. Exercising in the morning ensures you get it done for the day, before you get into jobs around the house or enjoying some TV on the couch.

Clear a workout space for yourself

Make a nice space for yourself to do your exercise. It doesn't have to be big. Have a mat or towel for yourself, a ball or any other equipment you might have to use. If it's there ready and you can see it, you are more likely to use it. Eliminating excuses is the name of the game. Put a plant near
where you exercise, make it look appealing.


Yes music does help. Preparation is key... Get a playlist ready for yourself the day or night before. Or pick a CD out for yourself that makes you feel good or gives you energy. Whatever makes you feel happy. If you are happy, you are more likely to enjoy your exercise and get it done. Enjoyment is important. We all know music can change our moods. 

Have an exercise program or chose a workout online

Have this in place so you know exactly what you are going to do. If you have no plan to follow, you are less likely to adhere to an exercise regime. Pick a YouTube video, anything that Is safe for you to follow. Don't make it too long, otherwise you may not do it. 

Set 2 goals for yourself

Two exercises you would like to improve on, whether it be push-ups, holding a plank for a certain period of time or performing a certain amount of squats. It could be that you want to walk a certain distance in a certain time. Whatever if may be, write it down. Have a date/day, that is not too far away, where you can test yourself. Goals are a great way to provide positive feedback and enforces the effort you have put in helps to achieve them.