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Four reasons why you should get started with an exercise plan

1) Better Mental Health

We all know exercise is good for us physically... but there's an even better reason to take part in regular exercise.  Exercise has been proven to relieve stress, tension and enhance mood, thanks to the release of natural endorphins. 

Exercise also helps to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.  Our mental well-being is extremely important in order to live a happy, healthy life.   Whether it be regular walking outside, biking or going to the gym, all exercise is beneficial.   A boost in self-esteem can be found through exercise, as achieving goals can provide valuable feedback and the feeling of achievement. 

If you are having difficulty sleeping, which can lead to stress and reduced mental well-being, taking part in a regular exercise regime can help, as long as it's not done too close to bedtime!    

Studies have also shown that exercise increases brain power, by strengthening memory and boosting over-all brain function. 

At the end of the day, if we feel better we do better and exercise can definitely help with that.

2) More Confidence

Activity breeds confidence over time.  Often the shift of focus between what we look like to what our body's can physically do, creates a healthier way of thinking.    If you can start to focus on what you body can do, rather than what it looks like, you can transform the way you view yourself.  The result of that, is improved self-esteem and body-confidence.   We are taught from society to judge ourselves by the way we look and we tend to compare ourselves to others, even if the comparisons are unrealistic.   Unfortunately females in particular catch on from an early age that beauty and thinness equal success and popularity.  This is very damaging and simply isn't the way to think.  Happiness and self acceptance is what we should be teaching our girls and young women. 

Exercising not just for appearance but rather strength, fitness and general health.  This is the best approach and teaches healthy long-term exercise habits.   As you have read above, regular exercise enhances mood and self-esteem.  With the right mindset and guidance, you can use exercise as a tool for creating confidence and personal power.   Celebrate your body and it's abilities, instead of focusing on the negatives and judging yourself on scale weight.  Best thing you can do for your confidence, is to exercise for enjoyment, whilst throwing your scales out the window.

3) Reduced Risk of Injury

Many people don’t realise that beginning a well-planned exercise program done by a qualified Trainer can help you avoid injury.   Exercise helps to establish strong connections between inter-working muscle groups. This means that if your muscles and joints are working together more efficiently, you are less likely to  injure yourself.  Strengthening your muscles, joints, and bones is something every adult should do and can do through exercise.  Being injured can cause a big decline in motivation and can lead to depression and inactivity. 

4) For a Better Life

Given a progressive program that allows for gradual strength and fitness gains, enables a person thrive and begin to see changes in strength, lean muscle tissue, and fat body reduction.   It doesn't matter how old you are or what shape you're in, your body WILL respond in a positive way to exercise and physical activity.  Living a better life is not just about being physically fitter or losing weight, it's also about mental health.   Feeling happy, having more energy, being able to deal with stress better and enhancing your mood are all positive responses to physical activity and prove crucial for a better life. Regular and consistent exercise contributes to an overall healthier life.  You generally feel better and reduce your risk of certain diseases and other health issues which can compromise your quality of life.   Activity is one of the leading contributors for longevity.