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I see the benefits everyday!

Having been diagnosed with a severe health condition, I needed to begin the journey towards a better, healthier me. Having talked to several trainers, Racheal was the only one who looked at the whole picture of what was going on for me, my health issues, physical injuries and goals.  From the very start, she has guided me through a process that has seen me lose a significant amount of weight, gain strength and begin to be able to recover from injuries that people said would see me in a mobility scooter before long. She has encouraged and motivated all while putting up with my swearing at her and grumping about how much I disliked whole freakin process. The results were quickly noticeable and I have seen the benefits in everyday life from mowing the lawns too long walks along the beach with my wife. If you want to live a healthier fitter life, then Racheal is who I am telling everyone about. 

Mark J.