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Summer Body!

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SummerBODY 12 Week Transformation

Yes it's coming up to that time of year again! 🙂
If you feel you've had a rough year with your weight-loss goals (especially with Covid 19) here's a chance to finish the year on a positive note.

I have done many Transformations in my 22 years of working in the fitness industry, so I wanted to make this one a little different.
Yes this is a SummerBODY Transformation but I want it to be more than that.
For nutrition, I am loading everyone up with fresh new recipes and food ideas. You will be spoilt for choice, all done up in a glossy e-book. You'll be able to experiment with different foods and flavors, that won't see you spending hours in the kitchen everyday.
For the SummerBODY Transformation, there will be two different Nutritional Plans. I will choose what plan I think best suits you, depending on your lifestyle habits, goals, body-type and diet history. You get a new Nutritonal Plan at 6 weeks, with changes depending on your progress.

For the SummerBODY Transformation training side of things, ALL training programs are personalized for each client. With access to my Training App, you will be able to have all your information on your phone or ipad. This App is fantastic and it's a lot better than other Apps i have used in the past. There are a ton of features, including the ability to video yourself doing exercises and sending them to me to check your form. There is a message system so I can keep in-touch and even send Gifs to you and comment on your workouts that you tick off.

Training consists of resistance training and short burst cardio. Personalized programs are changed and up-dated every 4 weeks. This is a great way to learn how to train your body progressively, prevent boredom and platueas In your results.

Measurements are taken and scale weight. Before and after pics are recommended so you can see the changes in your body. (these are done first week, 6th week and 12th week)

Personal Training sessions are including once a week (30min), I work around what days and times suit you.

I have divided the program into Beginner and Advanced. So if you don't have much gym experience you can definately do this Program. If you have a lot gym experience and are quite strong and fit, the Advanced Program will suit you. I am happy to discuss this individually.

There is also a Home Training option, for those that don't want to or cannot go to the Gym. I will recommend what equipment you will need but don't worry, this will not require you to spend hundreds of dollars. Many people have equipment at home now thanks to Covid. You may not need to get anything at all, once I find out what you may already have.

The SummerBODY Transformation is not just about training and eating well. It's also about your lifestyle habits, including the relationship you have with food, body-confidence, time-management, energy levels, work commitments and family life. All of these things play a huge role in successfully achieving great weight-loss results that can last a lifetime.
Each person will fill out a lifestyle quesitonnaire. We discuss this together and sort out a plan that will help you gain better over-all health and fitness.

So, if this sounds like you, contact me to book a space.

Registrations are now open!!   As of the end of September i will be working at Flex Fitness in Napier full time, so there will be training sessions available from Monday to Friday.

Limited numbers. Starts 21st September! Finishes before School ends 🙂

Cost: $48 per week (12 week period) Gym option (30min PT included weekly, App access, Nutrition Plans (x2), Training Programs (x3) Recipe E-book

Cost: $25 per week (Home-Program) Weekly online check-ins included, App access, Nutrition Plans (x2) Training Programs (x3) Recipe E-book

Get your best Summer Body and contact me today to book your spot!